The Other Life

The Other LifeWritten about two and a half years ago. Published now. Based on a prompt! Image Courtesy - stayhereforu on The anxiety clings like a terminal disease refusing to lighten its heavy load even for a moment.  The eyes droop, and the shoulders slide every time the mind thinks of an uncertain future. … Continue reading The Other Life

An Apology

ApologyImage Courtesy - Ketut Subiyanto on The constant murmurs in the head continued endlessly as the laptop screen blacked out repeatedly, even with his face just inches away. The mind refused to bring an end to the rumination of what occurred yesterday; the words he used, the feelings he went through, the trouble he … Continue reading An Apology

7 things -7 minutes – Stay Happy – Stay Positive

Here is a quick list of seven things you can do in a minute each to remain positive, improve productivity and relationships and feel contented.  It has been of great help to me and hope will help be of great help to you too; Focus on your breathing at least once in a day and … Continue reading 7 things -7 minutes – Stay Happy – Stay Positive