The 1% Rule

What’s better, wait for a perfect day to begin exercising/writing/reading or commence no matter howsoever small. What most people do is they want to begin with a ‘big bang’.  So, we make new year resolutions, make a commitment to self or to a spouse or someone we know to reduce weight or to start reading … Continue reading The 1% Rule

Remembering and The Experiencing Self

I have a question for you. What if your travel agent offers you a deal? To visit any place of your choice for 10 days at 70% discount but on one condition; You will not be allowed to click a single picture or retain any proof of that vacation.  Will you still take it? If … Continue reading Remembering and The Experiencing Self

Interpreting Objective and Subjective Reality?

Have you ever thought about what Subjective and Objective Reality is? Something which we can notice through one of our senses and has a physical existence independent of whether we can perceive it in the mind or not is Objective reality. For example, Planets and Sun are part of the solar system.  It is real, … Continue reading Interpreting Objective and Subjective Reality?