The Fleeting Conflict

The Fleeting ConflictImage Courtesy - Steve Johnson on ‘Why is it troubling you so much,’ asked Akash, the ash on the cigarette was about to fall off, but he continued watching it through the thick lens of his new glasses, the fingers smelled of smoke, as he dropped it off, and nonchalantly burned the … Continue reading The Fleeting Conflict

The Rendezvous

The RendezvousImage Courtesy - RODNAE Productions on ‘Where are we going Mumma?’ The bubbling curiosity of an inquisitive toddler was uncontrollable as she continued questioning her mother, Shalini, whose eyes though remained stuck on the road ahead. Unfazed with such a cold reaction of her mother, she paused for to let the huge truck … Continue reading The Rendezvous


Image credit - Jeswin Thomas on The palms fidgeted, hands trembled, and mind went wild over this heart wrenching oath.  Which sensible person has the audacity to keep his fingers away from the smooth velvety touch of a such an expensive glass; from peering inside it as it exposes the whole world. Distancing oneself … Continue reading Celibacy