The Missing Heart

Image Credit - Pixabay on The distinct scent of the winter night flew in the air, a clear sky resembled a supermarket of stars, eyes refusing to budge away from their sight, the cold wind piercing the back of her hand and bare cheeks turning them numb forcing her to slip them inside her … Continue reading The Missing Heart

A Family Finally Reunites

(This story is inspired by Surgical Strike which India conducted post Uri attacks.  Please do not read if you hate reading about deaths and killings) The covert operation wasn’t even known to some of the top experts in the state as Commandoes from special forces were drafted in to execute the highly secretive operation. A … Continue reading A Family Finally Reunites

The Chocolate The unrelenting Mumbai rains were deluging the entire city forcing a majority of people to revisit their plans of a night out.  Being Sunday, a lot of people were used to visiting the mall and spending the evening with their loved ones watching movies and shopping. Their plans though looked like on the verge … Continue reading The Chocolate

‘10’ Commandments of Victor Lustig – The Conman who Sold Eiffel Tower twice

If someone were to try to sell Eiffel tower to you, how will you respond to such an overture?  Will you agree to buy or just think of the other person as eccentric or someone who has lost his mental acuity? Probably both, but Victor Lustig, was one such person who was able to achieve … Continue reading ‘10’ Commandments of Victor Lustig – The Conman who Sold Eiffel Tower twice