Keep Faith

Keep FaithImage Courtesy - Being.the.traveller on The black clouds gathered carelessly up the sky blocking every inch of the light, forcing the earth and its inhabitants into utter darkness.  The sun used all its might, trying to light up its favourite planet, as hopeful eyes stared above, waiting for the sun to sweep away, … Continue reading Keep Faith

The Bounty Hunter

Image Credit - on The last turn took him to the lonely trail flanked with large trees competing to tower over each other. He walked cautiously in the dark; the torchlight flickering with every step forward. A gust of cold breeze suddenly blew away his hat, orphaning the bald pate to negotiate the … Continue reading The Bounty Hunter

The Daily Struggles of A Blog Writer

  I think I have been sitting alone for far too long nowadays.  I realized it when I began noticing and feeling every twitch in my muscle, the sound my stomach would make because of the awkward positions I would put my limbs and torso through while enabling my fingers to continue running through the … Continue reading The Daily Struggles of A Blog Writer