What’s in a Story?

What’s in a Story?


‘What’s in a name’ the phrase epitomized by Shakespeare is very well known.

However, if you ask, what’s in a story, I would say;

– Learning’s

– Excitement

– Discovery

– Fun

– Free travel to a different world

– Emotional Connect with new people (characters)

– Attachment

– An exercise for the brain (as we all try to guess the ending)

– Experience of a few years condensed in a few hours

– Gives us an ability to look beyond the immediate

– Helps us to see things from a different perspective

– An unconditional love for someone else (as we fall in love with characters)

– And, a never-ending hope that things will ultimately be fine

So, which one is your reason to read stories?

Do comment.

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10 thoughts on “What’s in a Story?

  1. एक जीवन में एक और जीवन जीने कि जिज्ञासा,एक नई जगह को जानने कि पहचान ने कि,मनुष्यों और उनके सांस्कृतिक वातावरण को समझने की,किरदारों से जुड़ जाने की आदत,और कुछ देर के लि ये गुम हो जाने की, 🙂 .

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