Thoughtful Adventure

Are thoughts like seeds?

Do they flower up into big trees and shrubs and take over our physical space as we nourish them in the right environment, provide them the just the right amount of light and use our experience to continue to improvise as we go further?

Are our thoughts only ours?

Or just like insects and bees, we are just a medium to cross pollinate someone else’s ideas, all the while believing something to be ours which didn’t even belonged to us.  A clever trick played on us in return for immediate gratification as we engage ourselves in developing progeny for someone else.  Fighting battle for the unknown, all the while sitting under the impression it is ours.

Are thoughts needed?

Can we survive without thoughts? What do we call a person who can’t think, who doesn’t have the ability to use his brains or use them only to perform basic bodily functions?

Ohh, sorry, we don’t call them a person, we call them virus, the one surviving to extend its living days in some way or the other without even knowing why it was doing so.

So, do we need thoughts to prove we are human?

Do we, I still don’t know?

I am in a deep thought, I am in a constant state of cross pollination, I just allow these thoughts to keep coming to me.

But yes, I also want to use them, instead of them letting use me.

But how do I do that?

Can I even do that?

The answer cannot be objective and a subjective answer still requires our own thoughts to decide its veracity, a thought proving truthfulness of another thought!!!


But we don’t have an option except to rely on our own thoughts to decide if our thoughts are reliable and think we are thinking the right kind of thoughts

And our race carries on thinking, believing it to be the ultimate differentiation between lowly and highly evolved creatures and who has the ability to survive in case of a deadly catastrophe?

Not us, but those little organisms, who don’t even know thinking exists!!

But, wait, what is it that I have just written…..

My thoughts!!!

Now, this is getting weird….

Would love to read your thoughts on this!!!

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