The Interview

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He was wheezing uncomfortably on his chair, and looked from under the specs, tilting his head slightly to find out who was at the door.

The small room tastefully decorated, had three rows of books on the two sides, glass on the third and a door and a huge portrait of the company’s owner on the fourth.

‘You……. are, Saloni’, he asked alternating his gaze between the paper in his hand and the petite figure standing at the door, her hand still holding the door handle.

She replied with a feeble yes and a nod of her head, large spectacles covering her small round face, while she tried hiding her emaciated body inside loose clothing.

‘Come, sit’ he gestured while continuing to read, what appeared to be her resume.

Tentatively, she sits on the edge of the chair, keeping her body straight and upright, to avoid getting hidden behind the large white table separating the two.

Her eyes now gazed at his reflective face while he continued absorbing the paper in his hands.

‘Why do you want to apply for this role, you are far more qualified than what this job requires’, he asked, looking at her and at the mobile in front which beeped suddenly, flashing a message from his wife.

‘I hope to contribute meaningfully in whatever role I work in, this role can expose me to those facets of business, that I have yet not……’

She stopped mid-sentence, as he took the phone to check the message he just received.  However, seeing her stop, he gestured with his hands to continue, while still reading his phone.

‘I am sorry, I had to check it, it was important’, he replied after she was done with her answer.

‘What about if you get a better offer from somewhere else later, won’t you leave’ he asked, trying to check the authenticity of the statement she just made?

‘I will be as loyal as the company expects me to be’, she replied intrepidly.

He was taken aback by her confidence, a diminutive lady filled with confidence, not scared to speak her mind.

‘I hope we continue to see each other in the cafeteria and in meetings’, he replied, prompting a quick smile on her face.

‘Julie will be in touch with you shortly’ he finished and stretched his hands for a parting handshake.

The wheelchair on the other side moved swiftly to open the door for her, she for the first time, noted his disability while seeing a matching face between the portrait and the man she just met after her eyes went up to notice the large painting.

‘I like her confidence and the way she was dressed she hardly cares about the world’ he murmured to himself watching her leave.

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  1. Again it’s a nice read, मुझे बहुत अच्छा लगा इसमें जिस तरह specialy abled ke point ko inculcate kiya, हमारी कहानियों में यह सब कितना ज़रूरी है कि अा पाए क्यूंकि इसी से पढ़ने वालों को सोचने समझने के विभिन्न मौके मिलते हैं. कम में बड़ी बातें संजोये 👌👌

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