The Result

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The fingers started pressing the keys tentatively, the hesitation palpable in the wobbling punches.

‘The password entered is incorrect. Please re-enter the correct password’

The prompt forced him to become even slower; sluggishly he tried again, eyeing every alphabet carefully, pulling the index finger up in the air before hitting the right character on the keyboard.

The trembling hands vacillated as he hit the wrong password again.

He looked around, the mind could feel the darkness of his thick anxiety, as his eyes suddenly shut themselves down.

It turned even scarier, 

‘What if, I get to see the same thing again?’

the cruel thought reared its ugly head again, giving little time to let him gather his reasoning and bunt that irrational uttering of a fearful mind.

The forehead filled with sweat as the eyes refused to open.  

‘I can’t give up like this,’ a voice suddenly propped him to begin again.

An unusual will guiding his shaky hands to enter the password again.

A quick musical sound indicated the entry of the correct password.

The heart pumped faster as the body trembled; the shirt was soaked in sweat, while the eyes turned hazy, blocking his sight, as he painstakingly stared at the admit card to confirm his roll number.

Those 12 digits were the toughest to enter.  

Every punch and the sound of a keystroke sank his heart further into a much deeper abyss.

And finally, the finger refusing to press the ‘enter’ key again.

The legs moved slowly, and the body jerked, pleading to remove itself from the chair. He coughed loudly, but it led to even more anxiety as the eyes suddenly turned dark again.

‘Check it and be done with it,’ the voice returned, encouraging him to hit the ‘enter’ key.

‘What,’ he asked himself?

‘Let’s be done with it,’ it repeated.

He stared at the display for an eternity before moving his finger on the keyboard; the thumb finally hit on the ‘enter’ as the screen changed itself quickly.

The eyes closed instinctively, unwilling to look at what it was trying to show.

After a long pause, an opening from the corner of the eyes discovered a faint

‘Congratulations’ at the bottom.

Anxiety turned into euphoria, as a big smile suddenly replaced the nervousness on his face.

‘This was what I longed to see it in all of those past three attempts,’ he murmured, before exulting with a loud;

‘I did it.’

His sister ran towards the room; her brother, after all, has finally spoken after six long months.

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