The First Step

The First Step

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The eyes refused to move away reading every single letter over and over again, moving effortlessly from one end of the page and onto another, soaking up every word and the meaning, and looking up after finishing before beginning to read once again.   The trembling hands still held the sheet as safely as possible, while the legs seemed to be vibrating as if responding to some music.

The thoughts unable to follow any single path moved everywhere as if in a free fall, hovering over the head before making a quick entry and then leaving again, without even allowing any time to settle the agitated nerves.

The eyes in the middle of yet another reading session, suddenly closed themselves as images of past memories ran past like a movie; the number of times he had to backtrack; run away; give endless but futile explanations; plead and pray, and finally search for a corner in that huge park to allow these private moments when the moist eyes would finally be laid bare to what the mind and heart have been feeling all this while, but that too in the solitary company of his own wretched self.

The paper still clutched strongly between the thumb and the index finger started to turn moist, but the heart and mind, hungry to read, again, refused to let go.

Once more, let me read this one, he thought, even as the strong wind blowing between his carefully parted combed hairs threatened to take what he held, but the fingers somehow knew how strong the grip needed to be, holding onto it with just the right force and pressure.

The sun probably tired after spending enough time in the sky also began to retreat, making the wind feel even chillier as his eyes finally glanced around before fixing his gaze on his watch.

‘2 hours,’ he murmured and folded the paper carefully to put it back inside the shining envelope.

‘We are pleased to offer you the position of …..,’ read the first line, as he carried the envelope with utmost care and thoughtfulness.

The time changes; sometimes for the good and mostly to help create something good. 

What’s needed is to wait and not lose hope when it isn’t changing the way we want, it’s probably because it could see what we can’t and that destiny has better things in store for us than what we couldn’t even comprehend.

Loss of a job could lead to a new career, business, or even the proper ordering of priorities.  Loss of a loved one, though, an irreplaceable loss could make you stronger, reemphasize the importance of the role our loved ones play in our lives, and teach a lesson to not take anyone for granted.

We all have choices; some, however, decide not to exercise them, while some, who do decide to choose, choose to be brave, to fight, to explore the unexplored, and resolve to change their destiny rather than accepting whatever comes their way and decide to be what they probably didn’t even think of becoming when they started.

The manifestation of our intrinsic desires isn’t difficult if instead of complaining and whining we act; action will always remain the first step towards realization of something you wanted and most importantly, of what you deserve. But don’t busy yourself with what pleases your senses, the ultimate yearning of the consciousness is to find its purpose, so go for it, without any fear and without any doubt; it’s within the reach, what’s needed is, to take that ‘First Step.

2 thoughts on “The First Step

  1. Not knowing but eventually realizing is what matters the most. I think good or bad are simply words we use to express what we think is right or wrong for us. I like how you bring out the thoughts and emotions in this piece of writing, Deepak. You write from the heart but with the wisdom of experience. 🙂

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