The Rays, the Cloud, and the Sun

The Rays, the Cloud, and The Sun

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The thick, dark clouds struggled to contain the effervescent rays of the sun, eager to leave the temporary detention of the mist to shine gloriously on earth.

The haze, however, refused to cow down, putting up a brave fight, calling upon the help of even more sturdy partners as some dark ones scampered towards the relatively thinner part of the cloud cover. 

The wind feeling helpless against the mighty call of the light and the clouds were forced to bow down to the pressure; instead of helping the sun now, it began assisting the dark clouds to reach the area which needed immediate reinforcements. A flicker of light, however, crossed through, inviting the immediate wrath of the king of clouds, summoning the lightning immediately.

The deafening sound scared the already fearful earthlings, who now prayed fervently for the sun to shine through.

The sun, however, appeared unperturbed, allowing the playful rays to enjoy their little game with the ageing clouds, who worked hard trying to establish their supremacy on an early morning sky.

The sun probably knows how it will end, the previous experience allowing him the luxury to stay at peace with himself while enjoying this ephemeral game of one-upmanship between the light and the mighty clouds.

The rays tried again and this time a whole bunch escaped, breaching through the black mist to show themselves again before the waiting eyes on the earth.

The lightning scared, bent its head in shame, as the king of the clouds scoffed at her, upset she couldn’t even help drive away from the young flickering rays away and quickly summoned all the other darker patches to get closer.

‘Get everyone together fast,’ ordered the king, his eyes staring at the hapless wind, which slowly turned itself into a pleasant breeze.

‘What’s happening to you,’ he thundered, exhorting the air against turning motherly again. 

‘I can’t’

The air, which by now became a soft breeze, caressing the fearful scarred faces of the people down on earth, replied courteously, sauntering away towards the ground and away from the cloud’s gaze.

And suddenly the king of the kings, ‘the Sun’ stood up.

The king of the clouds suddenly appeared small and significant as the Sun let its brightness help the little rays make through; the large cloud, unable to look in the eyes of the sun, suddenly evaporated.

The breeze arrived immediately to gently take away the king of the clouds, to place on the top of the mountain, as it tried to regain its strength again.

‘This is not over,’ he shouted.

The sun smiled as the dancing rays made their way towards the pleased earth in full force.

‘I know,’ replied the sun, enjoying the hegemony he has been entitled to, for times immemorial.

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